The Organisation Workshop | FAQs

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Q. How many people can attend?
The workshop can accommodate 18-54 people at a time. The extended
version can accommodate as many as 100 people or more. In this version two organisations, each with their own Tops, Middles, and Bottoms, compete for the business of several customers.

Q. How long is the workshop?
The workshop is designed for a single day, day and half or two days.
In order to consolidate learning and application we recommend convening
a follow-up workshop two to four weeks later.

Q. Can we run this ourselves?
Yes. We run accreditation programmes in the UK in partnership with
Power+Systems so that your own qualified consultants or trainers can
run this programme internally or with your clients. Alternatively, an
accredited Organisational Workshop trainer from Living Leadership will be
able to design and run an event with you for your organisation or client
system. Contact us to discuss these options further.

Q. How is The Organisation Workshop used?
The workshop is used in a variety of ways: for example as a team
development event, a module in a leadership development programme,
a culture-change intervention, or one element in a wider consulting

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