The Organisation Workshop

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The Organisation Workshop is a dynamic, high impact, one or two day experiential workshop which introduces Barry Oshry’s key insights on power and leadership.

The workshop provides a window to look clearly at the systemic patterns that regularly occur within organisations and which undermine partnership and effectiveness.

The centre piece of the workshop is an organisational exercise in which participants are dropped into roles as directors (Tops), middle mangers (Middles), workers (Bottoms) or client organisations (Customers). Operating in a turbulent, fast-paced environment you experience situations that regularly occur in those positions. This is not role play, it’s real play!

The learning is visceral. Interspersed with these experiental exercises, we introduce simple, strategic frameworks, the product of Barry Oshry’s forty year study of human systems. These frameworks offer participants more powerful ways of leading as they begin to see, understand and master the systemic conditions they and others are in.

Living Leadership runs this workshop in a variety of settings and has a unique breadth and depth of experience applying Barry Oshry’s ideas in a wide variety of organisations.

‘The programme brings real clarity to the dynamics affecting
the effectiveness of organisations and systems as well as
offering a very practical technique to help you bring
authentic leadership to change things for the better.’ Julia Fell, Common Purpose

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