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Benefits of the Power Lab

Enhance your ability to effectively lead organisational systems,
including when and how to make interventions that raise and
transform system performance.

Develop greater capacity and courage to lead effectively in
situations of complexity and turbulence.

Be able to accurately read what is going on within yourself, others
and within the wider organisation, thus building your emotional
literacy and your understanding of systems.

Recognise the predictable patterns that limit the system’s
performance and how to interrupt them effectively to release the
trapped, latent potential.

Learn how to create powerful partnerships across a whole system.

Learn tools and practices that help you increase your presence,
personal impact, compassion and sense of humour as you deal with
and lead organisational change.

'If you've ever wondered how to have more influence on those around you and to understand their actions, Power Lab is for you. Business School can teach you the what, Power Lab will teach you the how.'Hal Howard, Microsoft
General Manager

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