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Q. Who comes to the Power Lab?
Participants will be leaders in senior positions and change agents drawn from the public, private and not for profit sectors as well as leaders from the developing world.
Download interviews with past participants.

Q. What’s the staff/participant ratio?

Q. I’m nervous about going
If you’re nervous, that’s a good sign. It means you’re ready to
immerse yourself in a significant learning experience.

Q. Will I have time to do back-home business at the Power Lab?
No. The Power Lab requires a full-time commitment for the duration.
Make arrangements in advance that will allow you to be totally at the
programme and not distracted by work projects.

Q. I already use a coach. Do I need another one?
You’ll be amazed at how much value the Power Lab coaches provide. They work with you in the action of the programme and are available to strategise with you, reflect with you on the outcomes of your actions, and challenge you. If you’d like your back-home coach to talk with one of the Power Lab coaches in advance, contact us.

Q. How many people are in each session?
Typically 18-28 people.

Q.When will it be held?
Autumn 2011 - the exact date is to be confirmed.

Q. Can I come with my team or colleagues?
Yes, with a proviso. The payoff in coming with a team is immense.
You’ll walk away having shared a powerful experience with one another. You’ll have a strong common frame of reference, a shared language, and you’ll be ongoing coaches to one another. The organisation benefits by having a team armed with systemic understanding and the courage and skills to drive change.

Here’s the proviso: in order to leverage the experience, the whole team needs to meet prior to the programme to establish a learning contract.
In the Lab all team members will be working on their individual learning
goals, experimenting and learning. People need to feel safe doing this in one another’s presence, knowing there will not be repercussions back on the job. Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

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