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What makes the Power Lab unique

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Rather than talking about issues of leadership, political awareness or power, lasting learning in the Power Lab comes from a total immersion experience in which you face these issues directly.

The Power Lab features a three-class community with sharp differences in wealth and power. Participants are ‘born’ into one of the three classes.

This is not a role play in which participants break at 6pm for dinner and drinks; it is a total immersion experience involving all aspects of their lives - where they live, the quality of the food they eat, the nature of the work they do.

With less than three participants to each staff member this programme has the highest ratio of staff to participants of any comparable executive leadership programme in the world. And those staff are leaders in their field. This level of dedicated attention accelerates and deepens your learning.

We aim to attract a wide diversity of senior leaders and change agents from across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors as well as leaders from the developing world. Our belief is that working productively with diversity is a key 21st Century leadership competence.

Each participant will have had a coaching session prior to coming to the Lab. The same coach will be at the Power Lab to work with you during the week offering you feedback, keeping you keenly aware of choices and opportunities to enable you to move your leadership to the next level.

In addition to your primary coach there will be three other coaches who will be also available for coaching conversations.

Following the Lab you will have two further coaching sessions to help you consolidate and apply the learning from the week.

A unique aspect of the Power Lab design is a dedicated team of anthropologists who observe and map the system events - the system story - as it happens during the week and then on the final day debrief this with participants.

You will have the rare opportunity to see into and understand the different experiences of those who were in other parts of the system. The experience of seeing the total system has a lasting impact on participants’ understanding of human systems and the ability to lead sustainable system-wide change.

Woven throughout the week we offer strategic frameworks that provide you with ways of understanding system phenomena and provide the basis for taking action based on Barry Oshry’s study and observation of human systems.

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