Transforming Performance

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We work at individual, team and organisational levels

Our work is distinctive in a number of respects:
  • We have a reputation for delivering transformative results.
  • We work with leaders to help them create the conditions that will release responsibility, creativity and commitment.
  • We focus on the dynamic interplay between the individual, team and the wider system.
  • We operate at our learning edge and encourage clients to do the same.
  • We have a reputation for being challenging, affirming, rigorous and creative.
  • We have courageous conversations on tough issues where we are willing to be vulnerable, take risks and explore territory where there are no easy answers and solutions have to be co-created.
‘The leadership programme represented a substantial shift in the management culture of the Council, bringing about a higher energy and enthusiasm for improvement, greater ambition, more creativity and confidence.’ Andrew Webster, Lambeth Council
Interim Chief Executive, March 2006

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