‘You must be the change you want
to see in the world.’ Mahatma Gandhi

What we do

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We work in three main areas:

Transforming Performance – working with individuals, teams and

The Organisation Workshop – a high impact, experiential workshop introducing Barry Oshry’s insights on power and leadership.

The Power Lab – the world’s most demanding and innovative leadership programme.

We emphasise the leadership of self as the key starting point for any
level of change. We must model the change we want to bring about in
the wider system.

At the same time we recognise that individuals and teams are always
embedded in systems. They are both affected by these wider systems
as well as shaping them.

Our work enables leaders to build awareness of the wider system
patterns, and understand their leverage for evolving the system. Our
desire is to help leaders at all levels of an organisation see and then
release the rich reserves of responsibility, power, creativity, and
compassion that often lie untapped within themselves and the wider
human systems of which they are a part.

We offer new ways to lead, connect and harness that human potential
to create thriving and sustainable 21st century organisations.

We operate at our learning edge – continuously challenging our
assumptions and renewing our approaches. We network and collaborate
globally with pioneers in the fields of leadership development and
systems thinking.

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