‘What happens to another person in your presence is a function of who you are and not what you know ’ Ram Dass

Who we are

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Living Leadership is a leadership consultancy that focuses on releasing untapped leadership potential within individuals, teams and across organisational systems.

Living Leadership works with a wide network of world-class coaches, consultancies and thought leaders in the field of leadership development and systems thinking.

We work in partnership with Barry Oshry of Power+Systems to accredit trainers in the Organisational Workshop and to convene the Power Lab in Europe. Our larger organisational projects are delivered in partnership with other consultancies. We have strong connections with Bath Consultancy Group and also Future Considerations and Harthill.

John Watters, Managing Director

John’s consultancy work integrates strategy, leadership and culture to assist clients transform their individual, team and organisational performance and better realise their purpose. His work spans the public, private and voluntary sectors. John has pioneered the introduction of Barry Oshry’s systems leadership thinking into Europe through the medium of the Organisational Workshop, training trainers, and most recently the Power Lab. more..

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